Monday, October 25, 2010

Pic Post :-)

We are now on the way to the Smokies! Landon finally went to sleep half way and Josh wont let me sleep. So I have text, posted random stuff on FB and now blogging with the pic that's on my phone. Ok so the truth has come out "I'm Back" is only cause I'm bored. LOL You can see in the pic Landon was goin crazy for the 1:30 hours he was awake, Josh is screaming at cars when they look in our car window, if I'm not finding something to do with the phone/computer I'm picking at Josh cause its so funny. :-) I think I'm goin post one more "pic post" then get off of here. We are so close but yet so far away from our hotel with this wonderful traffic!!!!

HomeComing Parade!

HomeComing Parade!
I know I'm really not from Scottsboro anymore but I have only missing 1 or 2 Homecoming parades EVER! Landon really liked it this year and finally caught on to pick up the candy. We gave most of it to Auburn and Alley but he did end up with a little.


I'M BACK!!!!
So im sure my 17 followers didn't miss me but just in case you did I'm goin try to do better about posting. I have said before that my life is just not that interesting to talk about on here so I will post pic and talk about what we done in them. Well my office computer crashed so now its up and running it wont let me down load pic. I will have to find time to mess with it and download my software. We have had so much goin on in the last 4 months there is no way I will ever be able to ketch up but maybe when I have all my pic I can try.

Monday, May 24, 2010

What a weekend!!!

What a weekend is all I can say!

It started out with Josh and I having a "date". Mom wanted to keep Landon so we went out! We have only be out without Landon a couple of time so I felt like I was forgetting something! LOL There is only so much to do around here so we went to Bridge Street walked around then ate at Conners! It was OK but by the time we got in there (8:45 was there earliest they had) I wasn't that hungry and was ready to pick up my baby!!!!

Saturday I went to moms so Landon and Alley could play. Auburn was at Maw's house but I missed her not being there. She is the "little mommy". Josh had to work so he didn't get home until late so we hung out around the house that night. BUT after I had laid Landon down for the night I seen a RAT!

Sunday morning Josh had to cut our grass and clean up outside. I got me and Landon ready so when Josh was finished we could run to the store for rat traps, poison, steel wool and that foam stuff! I wasn't playing games with these nasty little thing I wanted them GONE! After we finally made it back home we pulled out everything in our house looking for holes! I cleaned out everything in every room so I THINK we are good to go! I'm so not and animal person but I'm thinking about getting some outside cats.

Lets just say me and Josh was wore out and poor Landon was ready to play. So we went outside and let him play on the screened in porch. He was so much fun and we enjoyed sitting around watching. =) He slept for 8 hours in his bed!!!!! I still cant believe it lol

Friday, May 21, 2010

First Hair Cut

First Hair Cut!

I have to say I was ready for Landon's hair to be cut I waited as long as I could. One side of his hair started flipping out (kind of a curl thing) that I would try to wet and slick down. LOL Josh had to work so mom went with me to take pictures! I took him to "Jack's Barber Shop" in Scottsboro (AKA Uncle Jack Mannings shop)

Yes I'm crazy but I only like to post when I have pictures. I mean really my life is just not that interesting to blog words. LOL I do have Landon's big Birthday Party to still blog about but that will have to wait!

Mother's Day!

Mothers Day!
I was so excited thinking this was my first Mothers Day but duh Landon was here last year! LOL I got to sleep a little late, went to spend the day with my family then spent the afternoon with Josh's. Landon got me a pretty purple necklace and ring. (Well its from Landon with the help of my shopping :)